Internet Best Practices

The Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge focuses on the approach to software engineering rather than its results. Mature engineering disciplines, though, codify the solutions to classes of problems. Practicing engineers consult the designs of their predecessors before attempting novel designs. The SESC collection includes one document that falls into this category. The standard on Internet Best Practices applies the principles of software engineering to provide specific guidance for the solution to one class of software engineering product.

The World Wide Web is expanding and its value is increasing as a method for locating and delivering information. This creates a significant engineering challenge. Locating applicable information requires that indexing information be incorporated into Web page development. Once an applicable page has been located, essential information may not be present, resulting in user frustration and a failure of the Web application to meet its purpose.

Web page engineering often is done with little consideration for the immediate or ongoing implications of Web site design or implementation. Some sites reflect "state of the art" delivery that can only be accessed with the most recent tools. This may be inconsistent with the business objectives for that site. Some sites will languish beyond their applicable life, occupying valuable resources (particularly as these are incorporated into organizational indexes, and delivered as prospective "query returns" by indexing and search services). Poor Web page engineering results in lost productivity and user frustration, and can result in legal liabilities.

The purpose of standards for Internet Best Practices is to reduce the risks associated with Web page investments.





IEEE Std 2001™-2002

IEEE Recommended Practice for Internet Practices—Web Page Engineering—Intranet/Extranet Applications

Recommended practices for World Wide Web page engineering for Intranet and Extranet environments, based on World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and related industry guidelines, are defined in this recommended practice. This recommended practice does not address stylistic considerations or human-factors considerations in web page design beyond limitations that reflect good engineering practice.

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