Using this VuSpec™ CD-ROM


What is VuSpec?

VuSpec is an IEEE product series introduced in May 2003. Popular IEEE standards and other content are distributed on CD-ROM according to the VuSpec design under the VuSpec label. Once the VuSpec CD is inserted into a CD-ROM drive, its content loads in the user's default web browser. Many IEEE standards will be assembled and distributed using VuSpec.  Two examples are shown below.


Visual Overview

This interface around the text you are reading now demonstrates the actual VuSpec interface characterized by the following key elements that operate within your web browser (as an example, Internet Explorer is shown below):


1. Product Toolbar:

The product toolbar presents all the essential tools, links, and objects you'll need to maximize your use of the VuSpec product. Just click your mouse on the tool buttons here to launch an item.  Examples include:

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2. Navigational Pane:

This area may change depending on what tool button is chosen above.  It presents an easy clickable table of contents arranged by topic.  This pane will also facilitate use of the index, glossary, and search features.  It is possible to hide this pane altogether by clicking its Close icon at the upper right area of the pane.

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3. Content Area:

This area presents the VuSpec pages, IEEE standards in PDF format, and all internet content.

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VuSpec Features

When purchasing IEEE standards (shop online at, consider the VuSpec features outlined here when making your decision regarding what tool is best for your company or project—a single standard in PDF, a single standard in print, an online subscription, or a VuSpec CD-ROM.

  1. Current Approved Standards: At the heart of each VuSpec product are the tried and true IEEE Standards you count on day after day. To accommodate both your on-screen viewing and your printing needs, these standards are published in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. Certain VuSpec products may also contain drafts, errata, interpretations, graphics, and other standards data.

  2. Convenient CD-ROM Delivery: IEEE Standards are sometimes available in print, and are most likely available online as Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) files (for product offerings, see the IEEE Online Catalog & Store; to learn more about online subscriptions, see IEEE Standards Online). In certain cases, IEEE standards are made available as collections or packages on CD-ROM. VuSpec is designed to optimize your experience using IEEE standards on CD-ROM. It offers users the convenience of electronic product delivery, complete packages of related standards assembled in one place, and provides an attractive physical product that you can take anywhere! VuSpec will work with or without an internet connection—VuSpec CDs are always portable.

  3. Ease of Use: The hardware and software requirements for VuSpec are not demanding. Because it uses Adobe Acrobat Reader, web browsers such as Internet Explorer or Netscape, and free player software, there are no additional software fees, complex installation routines, or steep learning curves.

  4. Multimedia Experience: Users simply insert the VuSpec CD into their computer's CD-ROM drive and the interface automatically appears.  Users may view an optional animated introduction or select from a special graphical menu.  VuSpec was designed to grow as your need for video, audio, and animated illustrations expands.

  5. Helpful Links: VuSpec brings the power of the internet to your desktop by offering an array of helpful links right within your reach. Web pages load within the product interface to preserve the context of your work.

  6. Contents: Navigate with ease through the various topics, e.g., introduction, foreword, supplemental information, explanatory content, organizational considerations, and, of course, the IEEE standards themselves.

  7. Index: Most VuSpec products feature an index of keywords. Using the index, you may input a subject or term. If a match or near-match exists in the index, with a single click, you will swiftly be able to view the topic in its entirety.

  8. Search: A detailed search function finds every topic containing an input set of characters you enter, e.g., "process" or simply, "proc". Your browser's "find-on-this-page" command will also help you track down bits of data within a VuSpec page.

  9. Glossary: Some VuSpec products feature a convenient glossary of the most commonly used terms with their definitions.

  10. Value Pricing: VuSpec products offer an affordable solution for the value-minded engineer. Substantial savings off the individually priced standards are often realized with VuSpec packages.


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Contact Us

Introduced in 2003, the VuSpec series is growing rapidly in popular appeal. We'd like to hear your feedback regarding this VuSpec product on CD-ROM.  To submit an idea for a new feature, comment, question, or complaint, please send e-mail to the IEEE Business Development Product Manager. Keep in mind, this is not a technical support or customer service link, and all submissions may not receive a reply.