A Letter from the SESC Sponsor

Over the last several years, the IEEE Software Engineering Standards Committee (SESC) has worked to focus our efforts on the consistency of our current Standards Collection and on strategic planning for our future. Toward these ends, SESC has undertaken efforts to redefine our strategic direction, improve the management of our Standards Collection, align it with the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK), address practitioner communication issues, and apply product line management concepts in defining our relationship with our users.  We have worked to ensure that our products are relevant to the marketplace, are affordable, and provide a consistent view of the state of the practice.

In order to help effectively shape and improve the practice of software engineering, the challenge for the SESC has been threefold, as follows:

  1. Establish and nurture mechanisms that help us understand, respond to, and serve our potential user base.

  2. Develop standards that are technically correct, consistent, and that reflect best current practice.

  3. Package and deliver our products to maximize usefulness and availability, while minimizing cost.

As the practice of software engineering has changed, the SESC has continued to champion efforts to improve outreach to both individual and organizational users and closely allied professional organizations.  We have continued to champion the principles of affordability, availability, consistency, and relevancy embodied in this Software Engineering Standards Collection.  We intend to continue to ensure that our products are relevant, valued, and reflect best current practice.  We welcome your support and your participation as we continue to shape and improve the practice of software engineering.

Please visit us online at http://standards.computer.org/sesc/.


Paul R. Croll
Chair, IEEE Software Engineering Standards Committee