Principles of the SESC Collection

Adapted from The Road Map to Software Engineering: A Standards-Based Guide by James W. Moore, forthcoming from Wiley & Sons.

Because of its broad scope, and because of its desire to better integrate its collection of standards for software engineering, the SESC has adopted a number of plans and policies to guide the evolution of its collection.

Beginning early in the 1990s, the SESC initiated a set of long‑range planning activities with the ultimate intention of reorganizing itself and its collection to better achieve its mission. These strategic planning efforts laid the groundwork for a continuing process to better integrate the SESC collection so that users may select standards without fear of contradictions among them. Looking forward into the twenty-first century, SESC captured and updated the results of those planning efforts in a set of policies and plans for the management of the collection. These plans and policies can be grouped into the following five themes: